Music Scores

This is a piece from the new project, dedicated to Pat Martino.  I was
inspired by his tune "Three Base Hit", but the structure is really John
Coltrane's "Impressions", turned into a minor blues.  If you want to play 
it on guitar in conventional tuning, you might want to transpose it down
a semitone, to use the open strings at the end.

This is my transcription/arrangement of the Adam Rogers piece "The Invisible".
He recorded two versions: one with a 4/4 swing solo section, and a fusion
version which keeps the 7/4 from the head.  It's a great tune, with a very 
clever blowing chorus.  I guess the decision on whether you play this type of
tune live, is how much you enjoy playing on the changes.



This is another piece of mine, which will feature on the next recording.
I now use Sibelius for all my scoring and parts and I have a backlog of the
earlier pieces to input.  You wouldn't want to see my hand scrawled scores!

Sierra Nevada is an amazing place and.. an amazing Draught Pale Ale!  The outer
section has a moorish quality, and the bridge features a "Giant Steps" progression.



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